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321 Cider



The 321 Cider journey started long before the popularity of cider in Australia and at Spring Vale Farm we are proud to produce a special product, made different by the use of heritage cider apples, a commitment to sustainable production and our use of local sourcing and manufacturing.When Marilyn and Philip moved to the beautiful ‘Spring Vale Farm’ in 1996 with their three young daughters, they had no plans to become cider-producers.

But with Philip developing a love for cider while travelling overseas and with Marilyn’s love for gardens and horticulture (and an undeniably green thumb!), it was not long before some apple trees arrived on the farm.

For a time, the apples were little more than a snack for the family’s horses, but with around 1,000 apple trees producing more and more fruit, the time came to put them to use!

Now producers of 321 Traditional Dry Cider and Methode Traditionnelle Cuvee

These award winning ciders can be purchase from our Cider Door and Café in the township of Learmonth some five minutes’ drive away.