Garden weddings Ballarat

Find a beautiful location for garden weddings in Ballarat is necessary if you want to have the wedding of your dreams in a beautiful venue that is visually appealing. Here at Orchards at Spring Vale Farm, we make sure this dream of yours comes true by selecting one of the best perfectly groomed garden weddings in Ballarat and making sure you can plan a great wedding reception where your guests will be able to enjoy and focus on the experience. What makes Orchards at Spring Vale Farm one of the best venues for garden weddings are the many private gardens that are ideal for every stage of your special day as well as apple orchards that produce multi-award winning cider renown globally.

Orchards at Spring Vale Farm will give you perfect panoramic views and backgrounds for a memorable photo that you’ll treasure for life as a beautiful memory. Ever since these lands were purchased by Marilyn and Philip in the 90s, they’ve been transformed into a spectacular venue for deluxe garden weddings, the aesthetic value of the farm has increased due to the meticulous care given to our fabulous gardens. Enjoy the most aesthetically attractive panoramic views in a place where your connection with nature will be a memorable experience.

If you want to learn all the details about our venue and why it’s the perfect place for great garden weddings in Ballarat, contact us today. Our dedicated and passionate team are ready to assist you with tailored wedding packages to add value and peace of mind on your big day. Tie the knot with timeless elegance that will forever remain in the hearts and minds of many.

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