Outdoor wedding reception venues Melbourne

The search ends here at Orchards at Spring Vale Farm if you’re looking for outdoor wedding reception venues in Melbourne. We have a spectacular venue that ensure your wedding reception will be up to your expectations and remain in your treasured memories for a long time. What makes us stand out from other outdoor wedding reception venues in Melbourne is that Orchards at Spring Vale Farm is full of beautiful nature, with private garden rooms that offer an astounding view to all the visitors and guests that are part of a celebration here.

Ever since Marilyn and Philip purchased these lands, they devoted their efforts to become one of the most remarkable outdoor wedding reception. You’ll note all the care given to our private gardens which are also home to the beautiful apple orchards that produce award-winning apple cider and delight the palate of all our guests. In the rustic bluestone homestead, you’ll be able to relieve all stress and set up a great connection with nature during your big day. Orchards at Spring Vale Farm is one of the best outdoor wedding reception venues in Melbourne, but we also host other types of gatherings like birthdays, family luncheons and even corporative events like product launches and more.

We have earned our position as one of the leading outdoor wedding reception with a team of dedicated experts that will help you plan your wedding reception and make sure all your guests are comfortable during their stay in our premises. Flexible bridal packages include all your requirements that we can take care of for you, so you can concentrate on the things that matter the most whilst cherishing your big day. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about our venue and the services we offer.

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