Wedding venues Victoria Australia

Orchards at Spring Vale Farm stands out from other wedding venues in Victoria Australia because it offers all the benefits you can expect from a beautiful venue located in the country. When you choose a wedding venue located in the country regions, you expect a beautiful and peaceful place that offers relevant natural landscapes so you can switch off for a moment and focus on enjoying what is one of the most important days of your life. Here at Orchards at Spring Vale Farm, you’ll find a place where professionals take care of every detail to keep picturesque gardens in optimal conditions, and you can see the entire location crowded by beautiful apple orchards that produce award-winning apple cider that is known all over the world.

This iconic location used to be part of a vast sheep station but when Marilyn and Philip purchased the lands, the transformation began until it became one of the best wedding venues in Victoria Australia. Packed with history stretching back to the early 1860s, it has been transformed into the beautiful wedding venue it is nowadays, the aesthetic value of the farm has skyrocketed, becoming the perfect setting for the most visually appealing weddings, special events and celebrations. Enjoy the most aesthetically attractive panoramic views in a place where your connection with nature will create a lasting impact.

Although we’re known as one of the best wedding venues in Victoria Australia, we don’t limit our venue to host wedding receptions only, as we also host special birthday parties, cocktail parties, family dinners and all types of special corporate events. Our dedicated team of experts are passionate about helping you achieve your dreams and make sure you have the event you’ve planned for so long in your mind. Explore our amazing bridal packages today.

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